Selfless Heart

Inspirational music written and performed by Susan M. Ames and family.

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01 Give Me This Mountain Wonderful, intelligent little Benjamin Ballam born with spina bifada, how we love you for your unending charm, faith, and optimism. Thank you for inspiring this song. MP3 PDF
02 The Nations Cry "... he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross. Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him, and given him a name which is above every name: That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow..." Phillippians 2:8-10 MP3 PDF
03 Butterflies The butterflies wait under a leaf for rain to pass, just as we, in stormy times, must also hold on with faith. MP3 PDF
04 Nobody Wins As selfless acts uplift the lives of those around us, so also may selfish acts cause pain and hurt, often to those we love the most. MP3 (not yet available)
05 Like a Fire God's love for us is perfect from the beginning. He cares no more nor less for us at any time of our lives. However, when we move closer to Him, we feel that love more strongly.' MP3 PDF
06 A Selfless Heart Our constant goal is to strive to become more like the Savior. MP3 PDF - Alto Solo
PDF - Mezzo Solo
07 Let Me Love It is more difficult to understand another than it is to judge him. Only through prayer can we learn to know our brother's heart as the Savior does. MP3 PDF
08 See You in the Morning The Eternal plan involves necessary and sometimes painful separations, but also the sure knowledge that those separations will be forgotten in the joy of eventual reunions. MP3 PDF
Modified lyrics for the loss of a child.
09 Voices We are a grand amalgam of experiences, both spiritual and temporal. Once in a while, something will cause our memory to bring clearly into focus an event, a time, a place, or simply old friends - long gone, but never forgotten. MP3 PDF
10 Out of the Dust "And I, God, created man in my own image, in the image of mine Only Begotten created I him; male and female created I them." Moses 2:27 MP3 (not yet available)
11 Hold My Hand There is a great strength to be gained in the knowledge that those whom we morn - who have gone on before us - know of us, care for us, and are preparing for us. MP3 PDF


Inspirational music written and performed by Susan M. Ames and family.

Index Title Description Download
Sheet Music
01 Come Stand With Us - Soprano Solo A response to President Howard W. Hunter's Address October 2, 1994. (not yet available) PDF
02 Come Stand With Us - Mezzo Solo   (not yet available) PDF
03 Savior, I Believe I don't know how He made the earth or set the stars in Heaven. But I have seen the miracle of a baby's birth. And I believe... (not yet available) PDF
04 Savior, I Believe - Mezzo Solo   (not yet available) PDF
05 Without a Word "... you taught us more, my little child, of beauty and love for you were here just a little while, and had not forgotten Heaven." - for Elizabeth Ann and Michael Cameron.
(not yet available) PDF
06 Weep With Me "... weep with me as Thou wept in Jerusalem for their children and Thine... " MIDI MP3 PDF
07 Paint Your Future "... Your life is a picture that you alone create. You will make your own design. You will choose the paint. Paint your future with rainbows and stars, butterflies in every hue... Paint your future with heros brave and tall. Standing for what's true and right. Leading others in the fight..." MIDI MP3 PDF

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